Hunt Management System

Hunt Management System

The Hunt Management System is a web-based tool that helps property managers administer deer management programs in a smarter and more cost-effective way.

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Developed to help budget-limited organizations meet their hunter management goals, this system simplifies program administration while maximizing user participation, without compromising safety.

This web-based tool allows the manager the ability to customize nearly every aspect of their hunting program, from providing users with site specific information to designating dates, weapons, and even participant access restrictions for each location. The Hunt Management System provides a secure user interface, streamlined enrollment, participant’s hunting site access, and activity and harvest reporting. Real-time information on site use and activity helps organizations collect essential user data while facilitating compliance with program regulations.


Installation and management of the Hunt Management System for each customer will include:

  • A custom logo, site name, and domain selected by the customer.
  • An easy to use browser interface for the creation and editing of an unlimited number of hunting sites (areas).
  • Customized content for log-in and user account request pages.
  • Example content for home and site (area) pages.
  • The ability for the customer to edit content for the home, area, and help pages.
  • A contact form that will send submissions (e.g. account request, help, contact) to the email of their choice.
  • All of the current functionality of the registration, scheduling and reporting system, including customer ability to:
    • create reservation and content pages for each hunting site or parking area,
    • enroll, manage, and track users,
    • designate hunter limits or restrictions by date, hunting season, or site, and
    • track or download user information, reservations, & harvest and hunting activity.
  • "How to" support documentation.
  • Customer email support with 24 hours or less response time. Support includes help for technical issues, help configuring custom domain mapping, and assistance with site configuration and content entry.


The annual license fee for the Hunt Management System is $2000.


Existing customers -

For more product information, contact Jeff Amaral at FreeThought Design.

For a demonstration of the Hunt Management System, contact us.